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Technical staff

Studies and plans tool holders and accessories to meet always the ever changing requests of the market. The feasibility study at planning stage on the customers’ specifications assure them they can get from the finished items the desired performances.

Production planning staff

Supervises and organizes the complete production process through a specific management software. The requirements are created from the input of the customer’s order and all the manufacturing stages are monitored. In this way we can plan and follow in the best way the production times and methods.


The heart of the Company, with CNC machine tools and instruments in every department which allow us to manufacture complex, very high quality and precision products.

Quality control department

During the production process, both our standard items and the special ones are inspected again and again at the machine sides and in our metrological room. The final test is made by the the three - dimensional measuring machine, which certifies the precision and the quality of the finished product.

Sales department

Supports the customers by giving prompt, in-depth answers. The orders are always managed in the fastest way, with the aim of minimizing the time lapse between the receiving of the order and the dispatch of the goods.



Technical and commercial support to the customers

The technical and commercial staffs cooperate to offer a comprehensive service, which goes from the planning and technical assistance to the sale and after sale support.

Balancing of tool holders

Almost all our tool holders are supplied with a standard pre-balancing. A fine balancing can be supplied on request, whenever the recent and new machines require high speed and precision.

Repair and inspection

We offer to our customers a repair and inspection service, mainly for our live centers and tapping chucks.

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